Thursday, June 13, 2024
Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Middle East Ministry Update

By Charles Costa, MENA Regional Coordinator • BMA Global

     Many of our people have called or emailed to check on us, the Costa family, and the BMA missions team in the Middle East in light of the current conflict. At the writing of these lines, I am in the US, while the rest of the family is back in Beirut and Jordan. So far, all are safe and have what they need.

Our Commitment

     A few years ago, we had a family powwow and made a joint decision on what to do in times like these. We all agreed that people expect us to be near them and with them not only in good times but in times of trouble and conflict. We still believe it is God’s calling on our lives to be in the Middle East and demonstrate the love of Christ in an area torn by hatred and conflict. Our team is committed to serving Christ and representing our churches, backed by the caring people of the BMA and a visionary leadership that does not lose sight of the goal in the thick smoke of explosions. 

What Can You Do for Us?

      No doubt prayer is the most needed thing in these times. Our team on the ground — whether in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Syria — are feeling the impact of what’s going on in Gaza. Should the conflict spill over to Lebanon or Jordan, that will increase the impact, obviously.

     The second need is financial support. I am making sure that cash is available in-country as banks will no doubt close. Your support is greatly needed during this time. I pray that you will give generously through our Missions Department toward the Middle East work funds. So please don’t wait, give today. We need to be proactive and mobilize our churches for prayer and support.

Your Church

     I am challenging pastors to immediately send out to your people a prayer request for our team and brethren in the Middle East. Please make an urgent decision to back us up with prayers and finances. Time is of the essence.

     Click HERE to give through the BMA Global website. We appreciate your prayers and support.


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