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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Why We Need an Association

      In the past three columns, I have been writing to earn your trust to address pressing issues that deserve our attention. While I enjoy discussing practical and motivational topics, a young perspective is most valuable when applied to the day’s issues instead of truisms.

      The BMA of Arkansas will meet for its 74th annual session in a few days. The BMA of Arkansas owns the Baptist Trumpet, Central Baptist College in Conway, BMA of Arkansas Missions and BMA of Arkansas Youth Department (Student Ministry Matters). Understand what that means — if you are a member of a BMA church, you are a co-owner of each of these organizations. They are accountable to you!

      For the past five years, I’ve heard many times and, in many ways, answers to how and why your association needs you. Using the space in this column, I want to consider why you need your association:

         • You have a moral obligation to be a good steward of all that God blesses you with (Mal. 3:10; Matt. 25:14-30; Luke 16:1-13; I Cor. 4:2; I Peter 4:10; I Tim. 5:8). There are a lot of proof texts behind that assertion. Take the time to consider the context and meaning of each passage, and you will discover they aren’t all about money. Christian stewardship applies to managing the harvest of our labors, the property we’ve been entrusted with, the gospel, spiritual gifts, our kindred and our relationships.

      Are you being a good steward if your associational involvement is nothing more than a check in the mail? One of the most essential acts of business to be conducted at the annual meeting will be the nomination and election of a new Missions Advisory Committee. How will you know who to nominate if you have yet to steward your time to make relationships with the people you partner with in ministry? Moreover, how can you vote in good conscience if you don’t know the nominated people?

         • You need diverse encouragement. Have you noticed that our natural tendency is to move toward autopilot? When was the last time you ordered something different at your favorite restaurant? Someone asked me once what diversity meant to me. I told them, “It meant many different things.” In this case, it means providing the catalyst to avoid becoming complacent in our walk with God and our leadership roles within the churches we serve.

      You probably have a deep well of biblical knowledge you would like to impart to your fellow church members. Regardless of how you serve in your church, whether you’re a greeter, teacher, deacon or pastor, your gears got spinning because there was passion spurred on by transformation through the ministry of the Word. Discipleship means passing that knowledge and passion on. Let’s face it, no one wants to drink from a stagnant well. These meetings are an opportunity to get stirred up.

         • Your vision for kingdom work needs to be broadened. In addition to the reinvigoration that can take place at the BMA of Arkansas annual meeting, there is the real possibility our perspective in serving God will be refocused. While listening to Dr. Clif Johnson’s sermon, departmental reports, the instruction provided during the Pastors and Layman’s Conference and the numerous conversations sure to take place during the meeting, we will be reminded that the work of God is bigger than any individual church.

      Your church will directly benefit from you returning to them with a broad vision of how God’s will is being accomplished through the vehicle of His church all over the world. Considering all three reasons discussed, imagine how much easier it will be to spin your gears when you return home. Better yet, your passion can become infectious and benefit those who were not able to attend the meeting.

      Let me conclude by acknowledging that there are various obstacles for many that prevent them from attending the annual meeting. For some, it is a time constraint because they work second jobs or cannot take time off. If your obstacle is making arrangements to be in Conway, contact me. I’d be happy to secure your lodging as long as possible. If your obstacle is social anxiety because you don’t know where to start, I’d be glad to spend time with you. I believe you and your church will be blessed by our 74th annual meeting. If there is anything I can do to ensure you receive that blessing, I’m ready to do whatever I can to help you.

Derrick Bremer
Derrick Bremer
Derrick A. Bremer grew up in Northwest Arkansas where he met his wife, Michelle, in their 9th grade English class. Derrick surrendered to the gospel ministry in 2018 at Temple Baptist Church of Rogers, Arkansas under the leadership of pastor Wade Allen. Derrick was ordained in 2020 when he was called to serve as the pastor of Denver Street Baptist Church in Greenwood, AR.