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The Table Mission Organizes as a Church

The Table Baptist Mission in Northwest Arkansas organized into a New Testament church on Sunday, June 25 with representatives from the BMA of the Ozarks, BMA State Missions and Temple Baptist Church of Jonesboro (the sponsoring church) present. Church Planter Clinton Morris said, “It was such a blessing to see several from the BMA of the Ozarks come out to support the organizational service and newly formed sister church.”

Morris was elected as a BMA of Arkansas church planter to Northwest Arkansas, in partnership with Temple Baptist Church of Jonesboro, in November 2020. He focused on the gaming community of the area utilizing several large events that resulted in personal connections and discipleship opportunities.

One such connection was with Drew Whitton. Morris and Whitton met in January 2020. God had been working in Drew’s heart about a greater investment in the kingdom of God. In the succeeding months, God made it clear to both Morris and Whitton that he was to lead the congregation long term. (See the Arkansas: Transformed insert in the June 21 issue of the Baptist Trumpet for more details.)

The organizational service began with the formation of the Organizational Council, consisting of 14 ordained personnel, followed by a brief welcome. State Missions Director Paul White was selected as moderator and State Missionary Johnny Shew served as council secretary. University of Arkansas ABS Director Stuart Estes opened the service with prayer, followed by the reading of organizational recommendations from The Table Baptist Mission by Drew Whitton.

The recommendations included the declaration of several core values including a commitment to: Scriptural truth, persistent prayer, loving all people, no shame of the gospel, living out one’s testimony daily and creativity in reaching people with the gospel.

The recommendations also included the express desire to associate with the churches of the Baptist Missionary Association and to adopt the name The Table Baptist Church.

Pastor Andy Neal of Temple Baptist Church in Jonesboro read the minutes of Temple Baptist Church recommending The Table Baptist Mission and those who would become charter members.

Following a time of praise, Clinton Morris delivered the charge to the gathered congregation, including pastor-elect Drew Whitton. Following the charge, the Organizational Council was dismissed.

In addition to appreciation to the BMA of Ozarks churches, Morris reflected on the events of the afternoon, “I want to express appreciation to Temple Baptist Church of Jonesboro and Pastor Andy Neal for their vision of planting a daughter church in Northwest Arkansas.”

Concerning what’s next for Morris family, Clinton said, “I still have a heart for planting churches in North America. There is still much work to be done.” Morris is currently seeking God’s will concerning his next phase of ministry, but church planting is his priority.